Ships are the nearest things to dreams that hands have ever made.
- Robert N. Rose

The fleet of the WMSBA is comprised of vessels used by the Association and it's members.

 Name: SV Heron
Class: 7/11
Designer : Robert H. Baker
Builder: O'Day Corp
Owner: WMSBA
LOA: 7' 11"
Capacity: 1 Person
Weight: 89lbs
Sail Rig: 34sqft Bermuda

The primary sail trainer for the WMSBA. Purchased as a hull in Coeur d'Alene, ID the restoration to sailing status will be the first project of the 2015 season.

Name: SV Blue Flower
Class: Super Teal
Designer : Phil Bolger, Pat P.
Builder: Andrew Linn, Pat P.
Owner: James Maxwell
LOA: 12'
Capacity: 2 Persons
Weight: 130lbs
Sail Rig: 45sqft Gaff Rig

Name: SV Pica
Class: Teal
Designer : Phil Bolger
Builder: Mike Seitz
Owner: Mike Seitz
LOA: 12'
Capacity: 2 Persons
Weight: 100lbs
Sail Rig: 64sqft Balanced Lug

Name: SV Esmeralda
Class: Lido 14 (#1280)
Designer : W.D. Schock
Builder: W.D. Schock Corp.
Owner: James Maxwell
Year Built: 1962
LOA: 14'
Capacity: 6 Persons
Weight: 310lbs
Sail Rig: 111sqft Bermuda

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